Forest of Dean (First Shoot)

I got the bus to the Speech House in The Forest of Dean with a friend and went for a walk. My aim for this shoot was to familiarize myself with the journey there and to get a lot of landscape photographs. I think that if I had taken more time on the first few images then they might have been a good addition to the series, as they were of wide, open landscapes which is fairly different to the rest of the photographs that I took where it was heavily wooded. I experimented a little bit with the type of photographs that I took. I photographed the Speech House, which is a manor by the forest. I also photographed trees from underneath, with a fast shutter speed so that the branches would be a silhouette but I am not sure how well they would fit into the photo book considering how they do not really illustrate how the forest looks.screen-shot-1screen-shot-2screen-shot-3screen-shot-4


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