Greta Tu

Greta Tu is a photographer from Lithuania but currently working in Denmark. She has won the SNAPSHOT Teenagers International Photographic Prize and other awards. Many of her works focus on the female figure. When asked why in an interview she said “It’s not a deliberate choice; it is just what seems most natural to me.”
Some of her photographs, similarly to Dan Mountford, are double exposures. One of the differences is that she uses photoshop to overlay these photographs rather than creating them in camera. The images are all black and white and are of landscapes instead of architecture. I think that they are visually beautiful, and they are also quite abstract and symbolic. The different landscapes are used to represent different emotional states or personalities traits.

Greta Tu also photographs landscapes. The image below is different compositionally to other forest photographs that I have seen, as they tend to be taken at a wider angle and from farther away. This photograph is cropped in so that the tops of the trees aren’t visible, which creates a sense of mystery. It makes the location completely ambiguous, which is interesting and arguably conjures up feelings of being lost.

In contrast this photograph is of a vast landscape. It looks as though it was taken with an infinite depth of field, which when paired with the soft colours helps to make the photograph seem painterly. Everything in this image is soft and calming. I think that it is interesting that one person could photograph landscapes so differently whilst still maintaining their style through a colour palette and tone.


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