George Charisis: Getaway8 (Foto 8)

April 2014

This series was taken by George Charisis in his home town near Igoumenitsa after the economic crisis in Greece, and the people who chose to leave city life behind to return to rural roots. “In their opinion, this may not only be the way to survive the ongoing crisis but could actually be the social shift needed to become sustainably self-sufficient.”


High key lighting and heavy contrast are used in this image to create a tense atmosphere, which reflects the topic of the photo story. The wide angle implies that the tension is vast and imposing.

cha_11  cha_12

The use of a path in the image on the left gives a sense of hope, as though the viewer is being led somewhere. This is helped by the greenery and mountains at the end of the pathway. I think that the photograph on the right of the long grass obscuring the cow’s face gives the impression that it is unmanageable, and possibly that situation is overwhelming.

cha_23     cha_23-copy

He walked around the tracks in the town and photographed what he met, including Aris and his horse. This image is one of the few in the series that contain a person. I also think it is one of the most effective in the series. The subject and the horse both look very natural and the muted colours lend to the sense of calm that is present. Having the horse face sideways and the man look up at him alludes to a shared trust between them, as well as a sense of hope, which is often created when a person looks up in the direction of the sky. The composition fits the golden ratio, which I think is a part of the appeal as the image can be easily digested and nothing is distracting.


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