Natural Gloucestershire


Painswick Hike

I felt that it would be interesting to include some photographs of architecture, considering I have not included many in my series and it might add more variety. Some of the wider landscape photographs were effective in illustrating what the countryside in Gloucestershire is like. I also included photographs of the quarry, because whilst I want to celebrate the countryside, I also want to be honest. I might possibly end on those photographs, as a cautionary message about how humans are destroying the planet.


Painswick Contact Sheet

I photographed a walk up Painswick Hill, which is near Gloucester, with a group of the Gloucestershire ramblers. It was quite an overcast day, which meant that a few of the images were dull but in some cases it added drama to the photographs. I did struggle slightly with some parts of the walk, because we were moving quickly and I did not want to lose the group so I did not have much time to take these photographs. I would have liked to have taken a tripod up the hill and used a slow shutter speed and long depth of field but that was not possible. Overall, I do think that the shoot was successful and added a lot of variety to the series.


I felt that the two bottom right images were the strongest of this shoot. The colours and composition were successful in illustrating what the forest looks like in autumn.. Some of the tips of the trees were beginning to change and there were visible reds and oranges on the floor.

Gloucestershire Ramblers

I decided that I would open my project up to be about the Cotswolds in general so that there would be more variety in the photographs that I took. It also would give me more time because the journey to the forest of dean was 2 hours each way. This way I get to spend more time shooting. I am planning on going on a 4 mile walk on Saturday 26th in Gloucester. I think that I would like my book to be like going on a walk through the Cotswolds, so I am joining the Gloucestershire ramblers on a walk in the countryside.

Contacting the forest rangers

I got a response from the forest rangers. They asked for more information so I outlined the idea for the project and suggested that they look at my instagram if they wanted to know what my other photography looks like. If they are not available in time for the story I have a backup plan. I could explore other parts of the forest, lakes etc. and I am planning on photographing people who are visiting the forest anyway and asking them questions like what they like about it and why. The last part has previously proven difficult.